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Chelsea accused of 'warehousing' players

Sat, 05 Sep 2015

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho currently has 12 full internationals out on loan in countries all across Europe, including England, with Victor Moses and new recruit Michael Hector the latest to be sent out on transfer deadline day to gain first-team football.

Taylor also fears players from the borrowing clubs all across Europe are being denied the chance to play because clubs with links to Mourinho's men would rather borrow their players than blood their own talent.

"You just wonder where the number will end because it's a pretty strong influence that one Premier League club seems to be having in so many competitions," said Taylor.

"It's a bit of a worry with so many Chelsea players out on loan. It's almost a warehousing of players. You wonder whether it brings into question the integrity of the various competitions.

"From a player's point of view, you can see they would want to go out on loan if there is not a first-team place ­available. But Chelsea have an academy so you have to wonder how it is they have such a phenomenal number of players out there," Taylor told the Daily Mirror.

Yes, not 'stockpile', because you 'stockpile' dangerous weapons, but you 'warehouse' junk you bought after a late-night binge on infomercials and pimped Amazon reviews. - dr soccer Post a Comment View the Comments Page

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