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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Hot Football Tickets website (the ”Site”) at

Definition: is operated by Vip Sport Tickets Selling LLC. with address in Sallemsuite no 1702 level 17 Boulevard, Tower 1 , Downtown , Dubai .
Definition: “Ticket” is an Entry or admission for a football match.

1. About HotFootballTickets

  • HotFootballTickets is a commercial firm focusing in locating and reselling tickets for sold-out and/or very popular Football matches and for so to speak "hard-to-get" football matches tickets.
  • HotFootballTickets is searching and acquires football tickets for the costumers on the secondary market and the prices stated on this website normally higher the tickets face value, and indicate the level of difficulties in acquiring those tickets.
  • HotFootballTickets is not linked to any box office, or subsidized by any of the stadiums, teams, football clubs, Football Associations or organizations whose tickets this website offers.

2. General Statement

The following are the Terms of Use, Conditions, Rules and Regulations ruling this site (“Agreement”) between you (“You”) and (“HotFootballTickets” or “Us” or “We”). We reserve the right to change our Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) at any time and at our discretion, effecting immediately upon publishing it on our site. It’s recommended that you will check this page frequently or at any time you are interest to consult our current most updated version of our T&C. It’s your Responsibility to read our T&C before performing any action on this site. Please also consult our Privacy Policy.

3. Purpose of Use

This website was created for use by private visitors or surfers and not by automatic crawlers (except for major Search engines crawlers such as Google, Yahoo or Bing), we do not permit any auto crawlers or “Bots” to scan or crawl this website in order to auto collect pricing information or auto collect any other information or data for commercial use or espionage nor do we permit automated purchasing of tickets from this website.

In case you violate our T&C we might terminate your use of the site, bar and/or block your access to our site in the future, delete your ticket/s order/s and/or take the necessary legal actions against you.

4. Procedures

While surfing our website including ordering, you the customer agree to follow and accept the following Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) and to comply by these T&C and all related laws and regulations ruling this website.

5. Basic Terms

Definition of “Customer”: The person who concludes a contract with HotFootballTickets to supply tickets (entry tickets) for various types of Football matches.
Definition of “In Writing”: Details sent by HotFootballTickets to the customer either in email, SMS via Mobile phone or Website and/or Facsimile machine and/or via live instant text messenger or live text chat service and/or sent by regular Mail or Post service and/or via courier company or any other electronic or physical printed document/s.
Definition of “Reservation Verification”: A written affirmation provided by HotFootballTickets of the booking placed by the purchaser which is sent via email to the address provided by the customer.

6. Implementation

  • By viewing, using or purchasing from this website, the customer agrees to accept the following Terms and Conditions and to conform to these Terms and Conditions and all applicable laws and procedures ruling this website.
  • These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all orders, booking confirmations and agreements where HotFootballTickets acts as the seller of tickets. Additions to or diversions from these Terms and Conditions should only apply if approved in writing by HotFootballTickets. No privileges can be derived from any interactions; everything has to be plainly set out in writing.
  • General Terms and Conditions of customers shall not apply except if their applicability has been accepted clearly in writing by HotFootballTickets.
  • If the client breaks these Terms and Conditions, HotFootballTickets reserves the right to prevent them from future use of the website, cancel the current order request, and/or take can take suitable legal measures against the offender.
  • HotFootballTickets reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. Posting updated terms on the website will make the new terms effective right away and binding of all users of the website without any exception. Consequently, please check the website regularly for alterations.
  • As Football tickets are purchased in a free and ever-changing market, ticket prices are subject to change at any time. For up-to-date present prices, the consumer must check with the HotFootballTickets website.

7. Agreement Summary

  • The terms offered by HotFootballTickets must be verified by the customer and the customer must point out their desired tickets and seating location and also fill out the other details required on the order form.
  • The customer can also contact the Customer Service phone as well and inform them with details of their order and needs.
  • The affirmation will be sent in writing once HotFootballTickets have confirmed the customer's approval of the offer made by HotFootballTickets and the conditions have been reported to the customer and the customer accepts. HotFootballTickets reserves the right not to conclude the contract at its own discretion.
  • The tickets offered by HotFootballTickets website. some are in HotFootballTickets stock position and some are in our Suppliers Position or individuals privates (that asking to sell their tickets through HotFootballTickets web site).
  • Clients should take in consider that our suppliers and individuals privates that selling their tickets though HotFootballTickets web site been checked, and have the most high standard of offering and delivering tickets. never less, even after getting electronic confirmation from HotFootballTickets (after payment) clients should be aware of knowing that can be some very small percentage of undelivered tickets in high demand events.
  • All orders are binding for the customer and cannot be deleted without written acceptance of cancellation by HotFootballTickets.

8. Prices Policy

  • When ordering the customer specifically accepts the variation in prices from the face value of the ticket/s this is due to fluctuations in supply and demand, the level of difficulty, the efforts invested locating such tickets, the cost of acquiring and the cost required for servicing and supplying the tickets to the customer's location.
  • HotFootballTickets prices will be different from the prices that might be displaying on the actual ticket's and the customer cannot obtain any privileges or rights from this fact. We add to the prices handling fee per order and service fee per ticket.
  • Prices are expressed in Euros or GBP unless otherwise specified.

9. Transactions and Payment Options

  • All packages and ticket reservations offered are subject to availableness.
  • All ticket costs are assured at the time the order is placed and payment is obtained.
  • Available payment options are Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard) or Bank Transfer. HotFootballTickets might ask a customer to pay only by bank transfer.
  • Full payment must be obtained at our Bank to be able to confirm a ticket acquirement.
  • The price paid is the price shown on the website at the date and time of booking which must be accepted by the client when confirming the purchase. All payments will be taken in Euro or GBP or USD, even if the original price on the website is shown in Euro or GBP. (All events where the original price is shown in Euro or GBP will also show the total order amount in Euro or GBP or USD, only in orders that the final payment currency will be different from the one in the event page. as well as on the email confirmation). For clients that will get virtual option to pay with American Express, charges will be in USA Dollar.
  • HotFootballTickets charges will also show up on the customer's Credit Card report under the name of "HotFootballTickets".
  • Credit Card payments need to be confirmed by the Credit Card Company (online) if not the purchase will immediately be cancelled.
  • HotFootballTickets might perform a security check on all purchases and could ask for an evidence of the customers I.D. and Photo copy of the Credit Card might be needed to fax to HotFootballTickets. (The booking will be deleted in case the I.D. or copy of the credit card is not been given to HotFootballTickets, if asked for).
  • No changes, Deletions or refunds will be made once the order has been processed and approved by HotFootballTickets. As stated in the European Law Number 31997L0007, DIRECTIVE 97/7/EC (May 20, 1997) for the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts, it is clearly written that once a client submits a booking for transport (flight, bus, etc) or accommodation (hotels, apartments, etc) or catering or leisure services or leisure events (tickets), the client is not permitted to cancel the booking. In the event of canceling by the customer, no refund will be provided.

10. Shipping the Tickets

  • By placing the order, the customer is providing automatic consent for HotFootballTickets to deliver the tickets by one of the following courier service firms such as Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, DHL OCS or HotFootballTickets’s own courier service.
  • Delivery and Shipping will be at the risk of the customer and the cost will be fully the customer's responsibility. Shipment expenses also include delivery to a Hotel or in the case of pickup of the tickets.
  • Tickets will be delivered at the expense and risk of the customer via FedEx or a similar courier. Shipments by FedEx or any local courier service are not covered by insurance. HotFootballTickets cannot be held responsible for any damage that might occur by FedEx or any other courier company like lost, late delivery and/or shipping tickets to a wrong address.
  • In case the customer or the customer's hotel or any person at the shipping address given by the customer decline accepting the ticket(s) with reference to the returning of the ticket(s)to HotFootballTickets by FedEx or any local courier service, the customer will be considered to be giving up his right for delivery. The customer will be obligated to pay HotFootballTickets for the expenses incurred with regard to the returned shipment.
  • Usually tickets are sent from the offices of HotFootballTickets few days prior to the event (susceptible to changes).
  • In case a shipping will not be possible (because of the late release of some tickets) or by the customer's demand, tickets will be delivered to a hotel address or other local shipping address provided by the customer or local pick up address in close proximity to the occasion venue on the day of the match. In case of a pick-up point at a place near to the venue, HotFootballTickets will begin to supply the tickets about 2 hours before the match time till the beginning of the event (in case of a pick-up point close to the stadium, if the customer will not appear to collect the ticket(s), no refund will be provided.
  • The majority of football tickets (Premier League, Serie A and Spanish League) will be supplied to the customer's hotel 1 or 2 days prior to the match coming about. Due to these unanticipated conditions, the customer needs to provide HotFootballTickets with the hotel specifics. In case of a hotel delivery, the customer will be exclusively accountable for obtaining the tickets from the courier. If for any reason the hotel declines to collect the tickets from the courier, the customer will be exclusively responsible (HotFootballTickets suggests the customer to notify the hotel about the expected delivery). For distinct and accurate details about shipments, please make contact with the HotFootballTickets sales team near to the time of the match.
  • The customer needs to notify HotFootballTickets of any changes in the address where tickets can be shipped to up to 72 hours prior to the match. (HotFootballTickets do not take accountability if the change in address is received just after the 72 hour period).
  • HotFootballTickets will not be accountable for any undelivered tickets based on false information related to the mail address provided by the customer (in this case the customer will be accountable for undelivered tickets - no refund will given).

11. Our Tickets and Conduct Procedures

  • The customer agrees hereby that in case of tickets in a higher or lower category than the category booked , HotFootballTickets will provide the customers tickets in a higher or lower category and will charge or reimbursement for the extra sum of money related to the variance between the categories of each ticket.
  • For every match, HotFootballTickets can provide the customer: an E-Ticket, a Match Day Paper Ticket, a Season Ticket (card) or a Member Card. When the customer receives a Season Ticket (card)/Member Card, it can only be used for the precise date and match ordered from HotFootballTickets. Right after the match finishes, the customer must send back immediately the Season Ticket (card)/Member Card to HotFootballTickets according to the guidelines gotten from HotFootballTickets or from the suppliers of HotFootballTickets.
    These guidelines can be provided by phone, email or a letter attached to the Season Ticket (card)/Member Card within the envelope. Customers that are lodging at an hotel (In the event city) are required to surrender the Season Ticket (card)/Member Card, the same night at the end of the match, inside an envelope at the hotel reception desk and will write on the envelope the name of HotFootballTickets or other names dependent on the guidelines received from HotFootballTickets. In case the customer won't return the Season Ticket (card)/Member Card within 24 hours after the match, HotFootballTickets will charge the customer: 100 (GBP) per day for each Member Card (beginning from the end of the 24 hours period after the match until the return of the Member Card back to HotFootballTickets offices) or 650 (GBP) for each Season Ticket.
  • By accepting the terms and conditions the customer agrees that the tickets for the football match in each category can be in any home or away section. The customer also confirms that they will not have any claim against HotFootballTickets regarding the home or away ticket. For any sort of ticket(s) (home or away) the customer must act accordingly and make the necessary adaptations such as wearing shirts in colors as stated on the ticket by the organizers or promoters. For the home team section, the customer will not be allowed to enter the venue if wearing the clothing of the other team and the opposite way round. This is at the customers own risk and discretion and responsibility.
  • Costumer when booking the tickets is accepting that in some events will be specify, Single ticket category or other categories with the symbol seats together near the category name and price.
    If the customer is choosing single ticket category, the costumer is accepting that each ticket that been bought under this single ticket category can be with any location in the venue, and seats together are not guaranteed.
    If the customer is choosing any category, that specify near the category name and amount the symbol seats together, the costumer is accepting that tickets locations can be by pairs. If client booked more than 2 tickets under same order, HotFootballTickets will guarantee tickets location by pairs only. (and pairs not guarantee to be near each others). HotFootballTickets guarantee that pair of tickets can be one seat near other seat in same row, or one seat under other seat (one row different), or one seat diagonal to other seat (one row different).

12. Special Specifications and Legal Responsibility

  • In certain football games, tickets may show a name that does not match the name of the customer or user of the ticket. HotFootballTickets cannot be held liable should the customer and or the holder of a ticket will not be provided admittance to the match and or he or she (and/or the person stated where they purchased the ticket from) is denied access to the venue as a result of this.
  • The customer and or the user of a ticket supplied by HotFootballTickets must conduct themselves in an orderly fashion and must adhere to guidelines given by the organizer/promoter of the match.
  • HotFootballTickets will not be held liable should organizers of a football match or the authorities remove the customer from the venue due to the fact he bought the ticket(s) from the secondary market. By acquiring tickets on the website, the customer confirms and accepts that the tickets have been bought in the secondary market and not from any official box office related to the official promoters, and thus the customer will be fully responsible for this action. In case the customer is ejected from any football stadium in United Kingdom due to the contravention of section 166 on Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, He or She confirms to be fully accountable for this action and for purchasing the tickets via HotFootballTickets. The buyer agrees that in this occasion, she or he will not have any claim against or demand from HotFootballTickets and will not be granted any refund or reimbursement.
  • HotFootballTickets shall not be held liable should organizers of an event or the authorities deny admission to the customer and/or user of a ticket delivered by HotFootballTickets to a match except in the case of an intentional act, omission(failure to act)or gross negligence by HotFootballTickets.
  • The customer and/or user/holder of a ticket shall go to a football match at their own risk. HotFootballTickets shall not be held responsible for damages (also in cases of undelivered tickets by HotFootballTickets) that the customer and/or user may suffer while going from or to the match or visiting such a match.
  • The choices of categories stated by HotFootballTickets for tickets shall not coordinate with all or any categories used by the organizer of the match for which the tickets have been supplied. The customer cannot derive any rights from the category class and/or ranking or classifications.
  • The Customer and/or user of a ticket delivered by HotFootballTickets must acquire information by themselves with regards to updated times and changes to the football match from the organizer. HotFootballTickets does not have any liability to further notify the customer and/or user of the ticket regarding these time of events changes.
  • Football matches that have been cancelled or moved to a different location or date are at the expenditure and risk of the customer and cannot be regarded in any way as a deficiency of HotFootballTickets.
    HotFootballTickets shall not be accountable to pay for reimbursement. The customer is responsible to get the information about the correct dates and starting time of football matches and also to be aware that football matches can be rescheduled to comply with Champions League requirements and/or television broadcasts schedule. These changes might occur at very short notice. HotFootballTickets recommends the customer make both Saturday and Sunday available when organizing travel plans and to ask the hotel's staff or check the official websites or even the local press for the exact schedules of the football match upon arrival.
  • Should a football match be cancelled and should a replacement match not take place, the customer should not contact HotFootballTickets but rather the organizer of the event in order to be refunded the original value of the ticket if possible. Should a replacement event take place, the customer must contact the organizer of the event to claim the replaced ticket.
  • The content and information of the HotFootballTickets website are without accountability and the customer cannot derive any rights from HotFootballTickets with regards to the content thereof and the included links.
  • HotFootballTickets prices are subject to fluctuations related to the demand for and the availability of tickets. The customer cannot derive any rights from increases or reductions of prices once the customer has accepted the offer of HotFootballTickets.
  • HotFootballTickets liabilities shall be limited to the amount that the customer has paid for the ticket in question.
  • Lost, stolen or damaged tickets cannot and thus would not be duplicated.

13. When will We Invoke Force Majeure

  • Flaws in relation to the enactment of the contract cannot be assigned to a party should these not be due to the fault of the party or when the given party cannot be considered accountable for them in accordance with the law, the agreement or according to commonly accepted standards.
  • HotFootballTickets can invoke force majeure should the HotFootballTickets flaws be partly or fully the result of war, mobilization, riots, flooding, fire, accidents, strikes, occupations, and measures set by the government, non-delivery of required tickets to HotFootballTickets by third parties and other unforeseen or unexpected events.

14. Promotional Materials: Brochure (Web), Leaflets and Newsletter

Data mentioned in the pamphlet is subject to modifications due to price changes. Sums stated on the website such as prices, exchange rates, duties and taxes, delivery fees, handling fee etc' as known by HotFootballTickets at the time of printing, in any conflict between the printed version and the online version only the online information as displayed on our website is the correct one unless we will confirm in writing otherwise.

15. Our Refunds Policy.

Refunds can be made only in the following cases:

  • client is asking to cancel the order before the event date. In this case HotFootballTickets will have the option to choose if to accept the client request to cancel the order or not, base on internal considerations only.
    If HotFootballTickets will choose to cancel the order, HotFootballTickets will inform the client of the total amount refund that can be given in the moment of the cancelation. The client is understanding and accepting the damages that can be to HotFootballTickets from this cancellation. The client will need to ask the cancellation in writing only and to sign the cancellation request form. The client will need to specify that he agreed to cancel the order, and to receive back to his credit card total refund as offered to the client by HotFootballTickets at the moment of the cancellation request. in any case, the refund will be maximum 65% from the total amount the client paid for the order. after this order cancellation and refund back the agreed amount, client will not have any claim from HotFootballTickets, what so ever.
  • In the highly unlikely case that client didn't received the tickets he ordered in time for the event, HotFootballTickets will refund 100% of the client money back, plus HotFootballTickets will offer the client a credit worth 25% of his original purchase towards another match.
  • In case of delivered lower tickets category, HotFootballTickets can choose to refund the differences amount back to the client credit card or credit the customer account inside website for the sum of the lower tickets category differences only.

The customer can use this credit amount to buy new sports/concerts tickets at HotFootballTickets only with accordance to these terms and conditions.

In case HotFootballTickets will issue the customer a written authorization for a refund for any reason, we will do our best to process the refund as soon as we can but take into account that the refund might take up to 30 (Thirty) working days from the date of issue.

The customer acknowledges that the 25% credited inside his personal account in HotFootballTickets can be used only in the next 180 days (from the date he received the refund to his account) . Credit can be used to pay, maximum, the 25% of the new order.

The customer agree that HotFootballTickets can modify from time to time the terms of the refund/s, time of use or the % to be use for the future new customer orders.

HotFootballTickets will not be held accountable for any delays caused by the customer’s Bank or Credit Card Company.